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High IQ vs High Social IQ: The “young Sheldon” Case

Useful information from a recent episode of “young Sheldon” I find “young Sheldon” highly relatable, for when I was a little boy, I was much like the protagonist on the brain front, though never on the Math end of things. Young Sheldon lives in a world he desperately tries to see as rational, needs to […]

JKI & I Back Online!

JKI Returns! JKI is back, because a) I’m up on the Internet, b) have a reliable connection, c) am in a far better living and work environment, d) have dug out my new office area, doing much of the putting it together work, and e) finally have a comfortable chair to sit in! Overall, this […]

#qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 6

nuclear bomb mushroom clouds 1

#Justice served up hot! #qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 6 After publishing #qanon Decoding Ultra Source Q’s 8Chan Posts Part 5–Still Pending, I decided there was no point to revisiting the matter, so have made this a full-on Part 6. Am delighted to report I have decoded at least part of the […]