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Nuclear Strikes! Israel Nuked Syria Thrice! Exclusive!

Originally posted on September 8, 2013 @ 9:59 AM

Nuclear Strikes vs Syria! Israel Run Amok!

nuclear strikes

Nuclear Strikes! Israel nuked Syria thrice with stolen Jupiter missiles armed with stolen, Israel-enhanced Davy Crockett warheads! Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Air Force Museum

“Nuclear strikes? Against Syria? You've got to be kidding! You are kidding, right?” How I wish I was!  On May 11, 2013 Veterans Today put out the staggering story alleging an Israeli nuclear strike against an underground Syrian military facility (Qaysoon Mountains, Syria, just N of Damascus), purportedly using a U.S.-supplied nuclear bunker buster. Veterans Today was right that there was an Israeli nuclear strike against Syria, but it was wrong that the weapon used in the nuclear strike was supplied by the U.S. The truth is altogether more disturbing, remarkable and complex. What Veterans Today later missed  completely is that Israel executed not one, not  two, but three nuclear strikes against Syria! And the world did nothing, because the whole thing was suppressed and the telltale seismic records removed. More on that later.

Nuclear Strikes? No More, Netanyahu!

While the most incredible news can be and often is made to disappear before it can take root and engender a reaction from the public, the satellite sentries the U.S. has overhead watching for missile launches and verifying NUDETs (Nuclear Detonations) never blink and can't be bamboozled by some spin doctor. When a missile or rocket is launched, the systems in place determine which way the rocket or missile is aimed and quickly determine trajectory, from which impact point is computed. If there's a nuclear weapon involved, its detonation will be reliably detected and reported back, for there's no way of hiding the characteristic gamma radiation burst which is the signature of a NUDET.

There is no doubt whatsoever regarding the putative Israeli nuclear strikes against Syria. They were real, and our NUDET packages aboard a bunch of satellites confirmed all three detonations being reported here. When asked whether many in the Military/Intelligence community were pissed off by Israel's nuclear strikes, highly sensitive, well-informed contacts replied: “We think you can safely say that.” In a nutshell, those listed have had it with the extremist Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his highly dangerous antics. Three nuclear strikes against Syria were bad enough, but factor in the outrage that comes with knowing, in detail, that both the delivery vehicles and their nuclear warheads were originally U.S. weaponry stolen by Israel! Yes, you read that correctly.

Nuclear Strikes: Smiting Syria with Stolen Nukes Atop Ripped Off Missiles!

As previously reported on JKI, Israel stole ~ 200- Davy Crockett micro nukes and some launchers after the Davy Crocket Weapon System was removed from service in 1971. Highly sensitive contacts say the test run for the theft was in 1977 and the main operation in 1978.  As designed, the Davy Crockett had a W54 selectable yield nuclear warhead of 10-20 tons of TNT. After the Israeli nuclear weapon experts got through reworking the warheads, the yield went from no more than 20 tons of TNT to 7-8 KT (kilotons, or thousands of tons of TNT)! Restated, they were now equivalent to half the force of the “Little Boy” A-Bomb (a gun-type uranium A-Bomb, a combat tested Nazi design), used to wipe out Hiroshima, Japan!  On January 7, 2013, JKI was shockingly informed by insider contacts that Israel had tested “three to five” such enhanced Davy Crockett warheads in the Negev Desert. Remember the Negev, for it figures into the story later.

As they blare in the TV infomercials, “But wait. there's more!” You see, Israeli spies also managed to make off with “at least 15” MRBMs (Medium Range Ballistic Missiles) when the PGM-19 Jupiter missile was withdrawn from service in Italy and Turkey by April 1963. This low profile U.S. action was the unpublicized quid pro quo for the high profile removal of Soviet ballistic missiles from Cuba, the latter event officially ending the Cuban Missile Crisis. If there's any good news to be had over the theft of 15 or more retired Jupiter MRBMs, it's that it was the missiles only and didn't include the 1.45 MT (megaton, or million tons of TNT) W49 warheads!

And while handing out awful news, it's worth noting I was also asked “What do you know about Pershings?” I replied the Pershing was an intermediate range ballistic missile, that its successor, the Pershing II, was highly accurate, had the range to reach deep into the Soviet Union from West Germany and was greatly feared as a first strike weapon. Consequently, it was prohibited under the INF (Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) Treaty, with all but a few carefully disabled museum pieces (empty shells) being completely destroyed under the terms of the treaty. The previously mentioned insiders informed me that Israel had “some” (quantity unspecified)  of (stolen) Pershing/Pershing 1A missiles.

Let's see. Israel stole ~200 Davy Crocket warheads, 15 or more Jupiter MRBMs (sans nuclear warheads) and an unknown number of Pershing 1 and Pershing 1A missiles (also, happily, without warheads). It then turned around and used four enhanced Davy Crockett warheads and three Jupiter missiles (one fitted with additional booster rockets) to nuke Syria. Why four warheads and three missiles? Glad you asked!

Build Your Own Nuclear Bunker Buster 101

You say you need a nuclear bunker buster, but your dear friend Uncle Sam's kindness and generosity have limits? No problem. All you need are brains, lots of ingenuity, an enormous amount of pyrophoric, toxic DU (depleted uranium) and lesser amounts of also toxic and expensive beryllium, the latter reportedly obtained from South Africa. For convenience, from now on, call the resultant alloy DU/Be. You'll also need two of those purloined (Israeli-enhanced ) Davy Crockett warheads. Hope you're taking notes. There will be a quiz.

Fabricating the Sharp End

From DU/Be alloy, build a solid cone whose base is 6′ in diameter and with the point 8″ from the base. This is the business end of your nuclear bunker buster. It's designed to drive through 60 feet of solid rock, through several reinforced concrete slabs and deliver the warhead inside the Syrian command and control complex, where the warhead will then detonate, obliterating the facility. That was easy, wasn't it?

Caging the Nuke

Okay. You've got your impressive, high tech, dense, heavy cone built. What's next? You need to build a kind of cage in which to put your nuclear warhead. It's got to be strong enough to hold together while smashing through solid rock, yet can't be a solid enclosure of DU/Be because it would screw up the nuclear warhead's detonation, potentially spoiling the whole attack. The solution? To the back end of the cone, install a series of stout DU/Be bolts, which are around the periphery of the cone's base, but moved inward far enough to provide excellent compressive strength when the warhead slams into and through the rock and concrete protection of the Syrian command and control facility. The enhanced Davy Crockett warhead, together with appropriate controls, power supply, fuzing, shock isolators and other goodies goes inside the cage and is bolted to the center of a 4″ thick, 6″ diameter DU/Be disc, into which also go the outer bolts coming from the rear of the cone. Got all that? Good.

Ultimate Thrust Package

You now have the warhead assembly put together, but you have no way to get through that tough Syrian rock, do you? Fear not, for your nuclear bunker buster is going to have a nuclear pile driver installed, essentially a contained nuclear detonation with most of the energy going dead aft. How do you do this? You take the other enhanced Davy Crockett warhead (together with stuff like the first one has) and place it inside a cylinder of DU/Be, a cylinder which is open in the rear.

How It Works 

You go off to the Negev Desert, where you have your isolated, well-guarded launch facility established. There, you carefully mate your nuclear bunker buster with your stolen Jupiter missiles body and its add-on booster package. The all-up weight of your total warhead (including reentry shroud) is 6000 lbs, and the Jupiter was originally designed to deliver a 1650 lb warhead. Hence, the boosters. You place the missile on the pad and then load the Jupiter with nearly 70,000 lbs of LOX (liquid oxygen, the oxidizer) and ~30,oo0 lbs of RP-1 (kerosene, the rocket fuel) for the one-way trip to Syria. It is dark in Syria when the launch occurs. Not for long!

Up, up roars the purloined Jupiter with its custom-designed, ill-got nuclear payload. Boosters separate in succession, the warhead coasts until it hits apogee, then comes plunging down. The exact nature of this Jupiter missile's guidance is unknown, but informed sources suspect it's GPS, which, in military applications, can put a weapon within ~ 12′ of a target. As soon as the point of that cone slams into the ground at some unknown, but very high, velocity, the aft enhanced Davy Crockett warhead fires, in an enormous one-time propulsive blast, driving the superhard and very dense cone (and warhead assembly) clean through 60′ of rock and reinforced concrete. There, once the fuzing emerges into air or what weapon designers call a void (the part full of people and computerized systems), the primary 7-8 KT warhead detonates. The cage built earlier allows the unimpeded formation and expansion of the nuclear burst, obliterating the target complex.

Here's what the May 5, 2013 nuclear strike looked like against the Syrian deep underground hardened command and control center.

Contrary to what commenters to the vid would have you believe, ammo dump explosions don't create the internal lightning shown above, and I've seen footage of a bunch of such events. Nor does even the mighty MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast) generate lightning. See for yourself.

Lightning inside a nuclear cloud is a well-established phenomenon. This is part of the phenomenology which can result in a nuclear-induced thunderstorm of terrifying lethality.

“You say it's a NUDET, but where's the characteristic nuclear flash?” Good question. The NUDET occurred underground, thus blocking the flash, unless viewers happened to be directly overhead or close to directly overhead.

Nuclear Strikes! If One Was Good…

Not content with the first shattering message delivered to Syria's Assad regarding not firing rockets, especially SCUD-sized ones, into Israel, or conducting chemical attacks against Syrian rebels, Israel delivered two more nuclear strikes in mid-July 2013. The targets? Missile launch and support facilities, complete with computers and advanced radars. These facilities had formerly been under the control of the previously nuked Syrian command and control center. Locations? 21.7 miles SW of Aleppo, Syria and 9.3 miles W of Abu Kamal, Syria. Since these were what weapon types call soft targets (weakly constructed and not dug in), it's likely that low air bursts were used.

Why Use Nukes & Ballistic Missiles?

Highly sensitive sources report Syria has 650 air defense sites, making for a very unhealthy flying environment. This makes missiles highly attractive for attack planners. Not only does doing this protect precious aircraft and their nearly priceless highly trained crews, but it's pretty cheap and practical to use stolen nuclear weapons, particularly if you can count on almost everyone's silence. How is that possible? Call it an informal conspiracy of silence!

Let's see. Syria isn't about to admit to being nuked once, never mind three times. Assad's in a civil war with lots of outside players and is in big trouble for using chemical weapons against his people. Russia is Syria's ally and isn't about to be dragged into a potential nuclear confrontation–as long as any strikes stay low profile  and don't hit Russian troops, civilians, vessels or facilities in Syria. Otherwise, Putin may be forced to take serious action in response. And while many of those in the know deplore what Netanyahu's done and may do again, such people are few and far between, and there are highly effective ways to keep the story from going mainstream. Broadcast licenses can be threatened, reporters intimidated and Tweets made to disappear. Forever. All these have been done in the past. But one of the best ways to make the story a nonstarter is to make the telltale seismic evidence disappear. Did that happen here?

Put it this way. When I asked about getting the seismograph readouts, my contacts incredulously shot back: “Are you kidding?! It'd be easier to drive a pickup truck into Ft. Knox and say ‘Fill ‘er up.'” The U.S. government and other governments  have procedures in place by which seismograph outputs can be modified or removed altogether. The arrangement might be reciprocal and friendly; it might motivated by various incentives or even coerced, but the net result is the same. The truth is either altered or completely hidden by excision. As far as the people of the planet are concerned, it simply didn't happen. Control the perception of the people, control perceived reality. It's that simple.

“But isn't it going a bit overboard to use nukes?” you ask. Netanyahu and his ilk think of it as sending a message. That message says  essentially this: “Assad, we Israelis won't tolerate current attacks by you on our country, let alone your planned mass attacks using very large rockets. Nor will we let you use chemical weapons against those in Syria opposed to you and your regime. We are both ruthless enough and crazy enough to use selective nuclear strikes against you and to do it in such a way that you can't even protest effectively. If you retaliate with chemical weapons, we may then decide to obliterate you, installations you hold dear or maybe even one or more of your cities, if it comes to that. You can't win, so you'd best stop. Now!”

The metamessage regarding the above is: “You can't hurt us because the U.S. won't let you and it can't stop us from doing what we want, when we want.”

The above is both a lot to take in and very disturbing, but it must be seen in the context of a nation which bulldozes the houses from which the Israeli Army takes fire in the Gaza Strip, regardless of whether the Palestinian militants doing the shooting are there by invitation or force. This is a nation which sent fighter bombers deep into Iraq to destroy the Osirak reactor–in peacetime–and even sent a MOSSAD (Israeli foreign intelligence, their CIA) hit team into the U.S.!

Summing Up

There's an old saying, which goes “When the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” To Netanyahu, Assad is a big nail, and tactical nuclear strikes constitute Israel's hammer. In truth, Israel could've used more subtle and limited means, but this was about much more than smiting Syria and stopping the attacks. It was a direct, though unwritten, message to the entire Arab world that when Israel feels threatened, everything is fair and there are no limits.     

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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eileen rose
eileen rose
7 years ago

Hi John,
just found this radio interview about the Nazi Bell possibly showing up in a forest in the Netherlands several months ago. It was found after the appearance of extinct species of animals (so …from the past) in a haunted forest. Military currently on site monitoring evolving situation.

Out of my league now

eileen rose
eileen rose
Reply to  eileen rose
7 years ago

photo of one of the human like creatures (that came with the bell), this goes with post above

Mr Eyeball
Mr Eyeball
7 years ago

Interesting developments.
“While the contents of the report have yet to be released, sources tell WND the documentation indicates that deadly sarin poison gas was manufactured in a Sunni-controlled region of Iraq and then transported to Turkey for use by the Syrian opposition, whose ranks have swelled with members of al-Qaida and affiliated groups.”

Mr Eyeball
Mr Eyeball
Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

Mr Kettler, here’s another link you will find interesting.
This comes from a website that is rumored to be ghost written by the us navy.

I’m hearing from other sites that obama has also lost control of the global suitcase.

7 years ago

I thought ET/ED’s wouldn’t allow nuclear weapon detonations? Would you let a toddler run around with kitchen knives? Don’t these fools understand the damage radiation does? I’m currently looking to get out of the west coast due to the Israeli nuclear weapons attack in Fukishima, the ocean is boiling there BTW. According to David Wilcock and Benjamin Fulford there is a 160 nation alliance who are working on a campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction and logically end the Fed and the IMF. The so called cabal or old western oligarchs are still in control of 8 countries… Read more »

Reply to  Knowzy
7 years ago

Look at and read article titled The Secret to the Water Car Rediscovered..Finally. We are on the verge of technological revolution against the oil companies.

7 years ago

I agree that Syrie is at war rightnow, that we need to do something to stop it, and that firing missles is an act of war. But I read recently that Syrian leaders are talking about giving up their stockpiles of chemical weaponds. I think we should follow that lead. I did not say that we should trust an opponent during an armed conflict (because that gets people killed). I really think that the best plan we have, right here and right now, is to prevent WW III, and that means work to stop the shooting now, before it gets… Read more »

Mr Eyeball
Mr Eyeball
Reply to  Ed
7 years ago

@Ed, this administration is providing weapons and so called training to the rebels.
These “rebels” aren’t the friendly freedom loving kind you see in Star Wars. These are islamist extremists.

Our adminstration is supporting murderers and radical muslems that want to convert or kill you if you believe in their afterlife fairytale.

Assad is trying to stop murdering psycopaths from butchering and cannabalisng his citizens.

I guess if your not informed you believe that Assad is a evil war monger.

Its all a psi-ops folks.
Watch this hand as the other stabs you.

John Fu
John Fu
7 years ago

OMG John, Thank you for the best, most powerful message of this millenia: ‘” God is in the Eyes of the Other !!!” That made my day when i read this. Your Ground Continents are truly devine to help us raise the frequencies with such a simple core revelation. All we have to do is repeat & share that with others close around & this seed will grow into wildfire that is stronger than any nukes ever. . I will be busy for a while spreading these 8 words into orbit all around; this is the ultimate easiest wake-up call… Read more »

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