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NSA Manipulates Social Networks! Exclusive!

Originally posted on November 16, 2013 @ 6:13 PM

NSA Skulduggery Alters Sites' Social Cred!


NSA NSOC (National Security Operations Center) Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via NSA

NSA has, depending upon whom you ask, either hit a staggering new low or has quietly achieved to the heights. How? Not content to trawl through practically everything we do electronically, via NWO (New World Order) type programs such as Echelon, tapping the fiber optic trunks of telecom giants like ATT (also secretly partnered with DEA via Project Hemisphere— our phone records back to 1987!) to read and view practically everything that passes through them.

And while organizations like EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) and EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Center) work tirelessly on our behalf, NSA has now invaded the social networks and is gleefully screwing with them. The program which allows NSA to play the social networks like a Stradivarius in the hands of a virtuoso is called SOCIETY PAGE and will be discussed in detail shortly. This NSA insider quote pretty much says it all when it comes to covert NSA manipulation of social media:

“You bet we do, and we're really good at it!”

Think about that for a minute. The means through which you intimately communicate with family, friends, lovers and spouses; through which you disseminate ideas and information; through which you attract and keep customers–all are in the hands of, and under the overt and covert control of the NSA!

Social Cred

Before we continue, let's define a key term: social credCred is short for credibility, and social cred is a site's reputation for veracity. From this, depending on the purpose, may or may not come clout, the ability to exert power in a situation. Suppress or destroy the former, and the potential clout will never develop.

NSA–We Know Where You Are! In Real Time!

Though it'll take some effort, I highly recommend you read the extensive material at the links. This'll greatly help your comprehension of matters which I can but treat in passing here. And did you know you can be tracked anywhere you go if you have a mobile device–even if it's off? The CIA's Chief Technology Officer Gus Hunt recently confirmed this.

“You are aware of the fact that somebody can know where you are at all times, because you carry a mobile device, even if that mobile device is turned off,” the CIA's Hunt explained to the audience at that tech conference. “You know this, I hope? Yes? Well, you should.”

Removing the battery has been touted as a solution to the problem, even being mentioned or depicted in some TV shows, but that's incorrect or a deliberate lie. It's your SIM card that makes you trackable. Unless you can electromagnetically screen your SIM card, you're toast. The government fully realizes this, which is why, my not-for-attribution contacts tell me, it's forbidden to sell pouches which shield your mobile device and its telltale SIM card!

How You're Being Manipulated and Deceived Online

Most of you don't realize it, but you're already being manipulated! There are Internet shills/sockpuppets (people operating online under one or more false identities, advancing some topics and stifling others–by fair means or foul) and more. Government and contract operatives have the ability to run six or more simultaneous avatars in different online forums, raising all manner of havoc.  One of their favorite tactics? Creating flame wars!

But how many of you who live your lives on Facebook understand it was funded from the get by the CIA's high tech venture capital firm In-Q-Tel?! Here's what the CIA says about In-Q-Tel‘s origin and purpose.

As if that's not bad enough, NSA's arm twisting the likes of Google, Yahoo and Facebook to “legally obtain” all manner of personal data via a TOP SECRET codeword program called PRISM, while obtaining back door information via the even more sensitive TOP SECRET codeword program called MUSCULAR.

We know about both of these because ex?-CIA, ex-NSA contractor/ whistleblower/ traitor (opinions vary) Edward Snowden outed them in as many as 200,000 classified documents supplied to the media. This wholly unexpected frank admission of NSA's classified information hemorrhage was made October 13, 2013  by DIRNSA (Director, NSA) General Keith Alexander, per a Reuters story written by Mark Hosenball.

Taking the PRISM chart as an exemplar (and I'm not “shouting” by using caps), TOP SECRET/SI/ORCON/NOFORN means TOP SECRET/SENSITIVE INTELLIGENCE/ORIGINATOR CONTROLLED/NO FOREIGN DISSEMINATION. The core classification is obvious, the SI usually means it's Communications Intelligence, after which would come PRISM (the specific security compartment), then the dissemination restrictions. Wasn't that fun?

How the Intelligence Community Deals Decisively with Dangerous Whistleblowers, Nosy Investigators & Inconvenient Witnesses!

Here's the Intelligence Community playbook for dealing with problems. The key concepts are twofold.  When confronted with a problem, Discredit (why many there call me Crazy Kettler and seek to ignore me) and Destroy. If that doesn't work, Terminate With Extreme Prejudice (murder) one or more parties (family, friends, the troublemaker) to make the problem go away. Permanently.

The above is precisely the model the government has followed time and again, be it vs radical student groups via the FBI's COINTELPRO (CounterIntelligence Program), environmentalists, OWS (Occupy Wall Street), even UFO research groups. Put people in key positions, manipulate the organization, sow dissension and mistrust, promulgate disinformation and constantly agitate for extreme action. Use that engineered extreme action to promote one or more repressive agendas. Destroy the organization from within and throttle it by killing its cash flow.

As for the murders, how about JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King (huge threats to all sorts of interests, with JFK's even having ordered full disclosure of UFOs) for starters? This last has been explicitly confirmed for me by highly sensitive insider contacts, who went on to say “…they murdered him for it.” I was further told by these contacts that Marilyn Monroe was murdered because it was discovered JFK and RFK told her UFO secrets during their individual trysts with her!  The JFK assassination is notorious for the long list of grisly deaths of murdered witnesses to various aspects of his assassination.

UFO investigation is quite dangerous, as attested by the laundry list of UFO investigator fatalities going clear back to the 1950s. This list also includes the murders of black program/black ops researchers and various scientists not doing UFO research.

Were it not for some very potent help from interested scary parties watching my back, I wouldn't be here, either. My contacts agree with my assessment that I would've lasted about two weeks once I started covering UFOs and black projects/ops in searing detail. As it is, there've been two credible death threats made against me (prefaced as “Is it time to lance the boil of that Kettler fellow?”) and lots of rumblings desiring my demise.

I tell you these things so that you understand exactly what you're dealing with; so that you have a meaningful, sobering context for what I'm about to say.

NSA–How It Deprives You of Your Online “Voice” & Distorts the Internet

Okay. You've now had the awful short course of what is and has been going on when it comes to your personal information. Or so you think! The reality of what's going on is much worse than that, and it goes to the social cred of the social media most of us frequent: FB, Twitter,g+1, Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, WordPress, etc. NSA is not only reading and recording your personal info and electronic activities in all their diversity, but it's actively shaping your core perceptions of what's true and what isn't true.

After reading this, you'll have excellent cause to wonder how much social cred a site really rates. Why? NSA's actively suppressing or killing social network votes on some sites, while promoting them on others!

You've already seen how virtually all encompassing NSA's access is to everything you do electronically, the Surveillance State writ large! But now I'll lay out for you how easy it is to first alter, then drive, perceptions online–over and above the means previously discussed.  I say this as someone who's been targeted by disinformation agents, had his site hacked repeatedly and is, self-evidently, the target of exactly the kind of social media manipulation I'm decrying here.

How do I know? I had a critical aha moment! It came when I was trying to reconcile two fundamentally different pieces of information.

The first was that JKI posts which I knew, from my contacts, shook the rafters of several governments got hardly any Likes, but even more puzzling was that my puny site was positively awash in them compared to a huge content-rich site, whose owners wish to remain nameless. How could the Earth shattering announcement (with full tech details) that Israel had nuked Syria three times using enhanced stolen U.S. nuclear warheads rate a puny 40 Likes, 5 Tweets and 2 g+1 responses? How could a site (~200 pages awash with pics of very high search traffic topics) which makes mine look like a gnat have no Likes even on its home page? Here's how.

NSA vs the Social Network Ballot Boxes

What's a poor (okay, rich) spy agency to do? Despite its best efforts, those pestiferous, endlessly inquisitive sites still persist, still turn over the most awkward info rocks, still expose buried secrets, illegalities, murder, genocide by those in power or working behind the scenes.

One of the best things to do is discredit the sites, their owners and the galling messages they disseminate, online, to the entire world. As several government disinformation agents have learned to their sorrow, going after a site owner online can be a most unpleasant experience. Just ask Janos Klare! See Replies here.

A more subtle approach is to reduce the perceived value of a site, therefore its content, by partially or totally depriving it of the social cred which would otherwise validate its message and expand its reach. And how do you do that? Simple. You intercept the social network ballots, changing them or not as desired. 

Do these, and you fundamentally alter the Google Page Rank and the global perception of, and reach of, the information. Since Google Page Rank is Google's overwhelmingly important evaluation of the “goodness” of a site, and Google computes the Page Rank with a strong skewing to the social cred side in addition to content and SEO, it follows that disruption and distortion of the social network balloting will directly affect Page Rank. Obviously, if you can dial social cred for a site up or down at will, this directly affects how the site's perceived by Alexa, the online equivalent of the Nielsen's. In other words, you can badly hurt a site's Alexa rating.


JKI has exclusively learned of two separate highly classified NSA programs specifically targeting social media. The early effort was directed solely at Facebook and was called MR. POTATO HEAD. Formally, that would read TOP SECRET/SI/ MR. POTATO HEAD/ORCON/NOFORN. As an aside, this has to be the quirkiest codeword I've ever seen, especially in an agency notoriously short of a sense of humor, as seen in its recent legal coercion of Zazzle to force it to drop a perfectly legal NSA parody T-shirt. The second, totally inclusive program directed against all U.S. and foreign social media (including blogs) is called, somewhat aptly, SOCIETY PAGE. As a classification marking, it would read TOP SECRET/SI/SOCIETY PAGE/ORCON/NOFORN.

Bluntly, SOCIETY PAGE is, by definition, the mortal enemy of your ability to effectively use the Internet to express yourself; to be seen and heard as you intend. SOCIETY PAGE deliberately seeks to  distort and manipulate your and others' fundamental perceptions of what is and isn't true, what has meaning and value to you and what doesn't. It's a practically invisible means of herding you in the direction those controlling NSA desire.

“But how do they do this?” you ask. NSA puts a trap between your Likes and such and the social network which records them and reports them back to the site you're on. NSA decides what to do with ballots which it intercepts. There, it a) allows them to pass unimpeded and be handled normally; b) kills them outright; c) reduces them or d) increases them.

Reportedly, SOCIETY PAGE can also manipulate blog site functioning at will. In turn, this raises critical issues in terms of what's really happening on a site vs what seems to be happening. This may be one of the reasons that on July 4, 2013, WordPress, together with many other Internet powerhouses, was prominent in a major protest against the NSA. 

Begin to see how incredibly insidious and perverse SOCIETY PAGE really is? You may attempt to express your opinion all you want, but the final message isn't in your hands!

Advancing A Favored Government Agenda

The same techniques which can throttle or marginalize a site in disfavor can be used to promote one which either says the right things or is under government control either directly or indirectly. My insider contacts long ago informed me that the purported whistleblower site Project Camelot and the supposed positive metaphysical/conspiracy exposing site Godlike Productions both fell under this rubric. Moreover, research of ATS (Above Top Secret) THE  top conspiracy site revealed that it, too, wasn't what it appeared to be. In fact, the online dictatorship resistance group Anonymous went after both ATS and Godlike Productions, outing them as controlled sites. See for yourself.

Time now for a sanity test. Let's look at the Alexa ratings (smaller numbers are better) for the iconic Coca-Cola, for ATS, Godlike Productions and Project Avalon. Coca-Cola, whose global marketing budget tops 4 billion dollars, comes in at 34,942. ATS is 4586 globally. Godlike Productions is 2754. Project Camelot is 63,073. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this picture? How about everything?! For the record, JKI (John Kettler Investigates) has a global Alexa rating of 429, 368.

Now, ATS's forum about conspiracies can certainly attract loads of visitors, but who here entertains, however fleetingly, the notion that it's some 7.6 X better rated than Coca-Cola's killer site? Even less believable is the insane notion that Godlike Productions' site is nearly 12.7 X better rated than Coca-Cola!!!

The above examples convincingly demonstrate that something reeks, it isn't fish, and we aren't in Denmark.

Summing Up

We've been had. We're being had. What we believe to be encrypted and secure isn't. It's either been cracked, its protection weakened at NSA behest or gotten at via a back door. And the only way to put a stop to this is to wake up and force the government to stop and reverse the Surveillance State, stop making up excuses to peer into everything we do and say (even anonymously via NSA target Tor)  and to abandon the Forever War (War on Terror) as a catchall justification for an ever-expanding torrent of monitoring, control and outright repression.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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7 years ago

Thought this might be informative to your post.

War on whistleblowers Doc USA Full Movie May, 2013

7 years ago

Here is a link to U.S. Marine Field McConnell linking the Hotel Staybridge OODA exit node or laptop to flight 3407 death of Beverly Eckert inconvenient witness.

7 years ago

John, I found confirmation of your reference to how the intelligence community deals with witnesses specifically 911. Beverly Eckert, confirmed by U.S. Marine Field McConnell has linked her death in a recent plane crash on flight 3407 to MI-3 which was linked to the intelligence community using Skynet’s onion router (exit nodes in involuntary laptops in Delta-Marriott Hotels chains to disengage the auto-pilot unexpectedly which then crashes the planes. There was a prior crash in San Francisco flight which has been linked to MI-3 this year. Beverly (inconvenient witness) is with Sean her late husband now who she missed so… Read more »

7 years ago

Hi John,
are you familiar with the “schaman” explanation of abductions – that abductions basically are schamanic “soul voyages” and interactions with “spirits”. What is your take on that?

Reply to  John Kettler
7 years ago

John, agree there is a mountin of evidence contact is very real. And mostly forced upon us. But why so many contacts over such a long time? There are detailed, written records centuries old. Same theatrical play, different props. Why all the drama? Clumsy collection of eggs and sperm with instruments we ourselves stopped using decades ago. Its seems more like sadistic, ritual abuse than a clever breeding program. Cant “they” get info about our individual DNA in a less intrusive, cheaper, faster way? If they are eons ahead of us; of course they could. Its the drama that matters… Read more »

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