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Flight 370 Found?!

Flight 370 Found? New Wreckage!

Flight 370

Flight 370 Found? Malaysia Air Boeing 777-200ER like the Flight 370 plane.  Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons via Bidini

Recently obtained insider information reveals that a US Navy P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft has found visual evidence of apparent aircraft-related debris “1500 (nautical) miles west of Perth (Australia) and 3500 (nautical) miles north of Antarctica.” JKI understands this to be smack in the middle of the primary search area. Additionally, JKI was told what was seen was not what had been previously imaged by other satellites.  “Naturally, it will take surface ships to confirm it,” averred someone familiar with the breaking development.  This latest sighting of apparent wreckage is also the product of some truly impressive airmanship, in that in order to make the sighting, which was done from a mere 200′ altitude, the Orion was  bucking hurricane force winds from Tropical Cyclone Gillian, winds strong enough create 30′ waves.

Normally, such actions are the province of the special Navy hurricane hunters (VW-10, Navy Special Weather Squadron 10) covering the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the US east coast. VW-10, based out of Jacksonville NAS (Naval Air Station) in Florida, flies P-3Cs whose aerostructures are reinforced for the additional airframe stresses and flight control loads hurricanes create in aircraft flying in and through them.  VW-10's crews are highly trained for the demanding operations imposed by weather which would ground most planes. And while flying 200′ over the ocean would terrify most people, imagine doing it in a howling gale and possibly blind. Now, take a crew not trained for hurricane ops and a plane not designed for that task, do it anyway, and go out and try to find wreckage in a gigantic expanse of ocean. To find anything under such conditions verges on incredible.

What If Flight 370 Isn't in the Indian Ocean?

While many, if not most, now believe Flight 370's Boeing 777-200ER crashed somewhere in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, this isn't the only possibility being considered by US military-intelligence insiders. The presumed Flight 370 crash is on what's referred to as the southern arc, but there's also a northern arc. More on that momentarily.  The reason for the radical directional differences lies in the lack of GPS coverage in that part of the world. It takes three GPS satellites to obtain a proper fix, and the northern arc-southern arc model is the product of that lack of positional data.

The northern arc is based on the fact that Flight 370, which was supposed to be going to Beijing, China, overflew Vietnam, where it had no business being. JKI was told that Vietnam had both radar and visual sightings of the plane, before it disappeared. In the view of not-for-attribution contacts, Flight 370 may've exited Vietnamese airspace, crossed Myanmar and Bangladesh, neither of which has radar, conceivably winding up in one of the ‘stans. As this is being written, the US is trying to set up a search center in Kyrgyzstan, specifically to support a northern arc investigation. If Flight 370 is in that region, it could potentially be used in some sort of terrorist attack. Russia's not loved by several groups, and the Ukraine crisis has greatly worsened that animosity.

There are only so many overhead assets, which are presumably watching the Ukraine crisis and supporting the Indian Ocean efforts. The northern arc region is immense, making for a formidable search problem. A problem made dramatically worse if the B-777-200ER aircraft landed and was promptly placed under camouflage or tarps, effectively rendering it invisible.

Thermal imaging might work, but temperature extremes in the region can cause thermal contrast to be lost, nullifying the sensor. This was noted during the Vietnam War on FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) imagery from sensor turrets mounted on Navy A-6 Intruders found that entire bridges were invisible at certain times of day in which the bridge temperature and the background temperature were identical, removing the thermal contrast which allows FLIR to function.

US radar satellites, JKI has been informed, don't work effectively over land, removing the ability to detect targets placed under radar transparent nets or tarps. Nor is the situation helped by the generally curved surfaces of the aircraft, which reflect impinging radar energy away from the receiver.

Flight 370 Situation–Summing Up

A US Navy P3C Orion may've found wreckage of Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean, but this remains uncertain until surface ships physically arrive and are able to retrieve and assess the presumptive crash debris. That's the southern track. On the northern track, Flight 370 could potentially be anywhere from Vietnam (doubtful), all the way to the ‘stans. There is a considerable effort being mounted to search the northern track, and the military-intelligence community is seriously looking into the possibility the plane might be in the ‘stans, might be still flyable and could potentially be used in some sort of terrorist attack. Finally, one of the insights gained from the plethora of reports is the realization that there are previously unsuspected gaps and complete absences of radar coverage in the southern arc. This has all sorts of military-intelligence implications,  for countries in the region and for the US.

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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6 years ago

There is a campaign to discredit Malaysia, and it’s Airlines. Field McConnell is going to show how UFly simulator with a GyroChip and Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot decoy maneuvers was used at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel at Toronto International Airport to mislead the public using CNN storyboards, hijacking then flying MH370 using full motion simulator. He will demonstrate for the world how they pulled this off, at 1535 Meyerside Dr., Mississauga, ONT.

Loving and Grateful

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