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DHS Big Lie! Chaos By ISON Blogs = Gun Grab!

DHS To Use FAKE Comet ISON Meteor Shower THREAT!

Plans to Spread It Via JKI, Veterans Today and More!


DHS plans to use FAKE Comet ISON meteor shower threat to foment chaos. Stop it! Image credit: ESO (European Space Observatory)

DHS (Department of Homeland Security AKA Homeland Security) has initiated a hideous conspiracy, a morbid plan so cynical, so perversely sick and twisted, it is impressive even by already abysmally low government standards. The plan? To use what DHS characterized as “small time paranoid conspiracy sites like JKI and Veterans Today” to unwittingly spread a Big Lie, a real cosmic whopper, regarding a (nonexistent) civilization-wrecking meteor shower from Comet ISON. Hitler would be proud. After all, he invented the term Big Lie!


Those execrable qua humans at DHS wish to paralyze the American people into submission with the threat of the kinds of events shown above, but with myriad meteor strikes instead of a relative few. It is a Big Lie, one of many we have been told.

Begone, DHS Chicken Little! The sky is NOT falling, your supposed ISON derived meteor showers will NOT destroy us, and you and your infamous ilk can stuff your plan to use me and my site straight up your asses/head repositories! 

Not here. Not today. Not ever. NEVER will you use me and JKI to disseminate your pernicious poison!!! Clear on that, DHS and any other vile excreta concerned? Note: Not everyone at DHS or any other government department or agency engaged in such signal malevolence is evil. That is precisely why sites like this one know what they know. Disgusted insiders do all that they can to clandestinely expose what is really going on and why. Remember them when the reckoning comes. And come it will and shall.

Highly sensitive sources risked their lives and those of their families to expose this hideous, utterly reprehensible, blackly treacherous DHS scheme. We owe these intrepid insiders a great debt, a debt we can truly never repay. It is not recompense they seek, nor adulation.

What they want is for us to a)  wake up; now; b) spread the word far and wide the ISON meteor “shotgun from the sky” story is an outrageous lie; that it is an excuse for creating chaos to “justify” a gun grab; c) scream “Bloody murder!” regarding this heinous plot, to include causing the social media to supernova, melting the phones, overflowing the voicemails and filling to bursting the email accounts of our so-called elected officials. Demand investigations! Force the media to cover this vital story! You can become a social activist–if the issue is important enough and hits you where you live! If this does not, do you have a pulse? Do you give a damn about what is left of your country, of your few remaining freedoms?!  

Oh, “This is just about those gun nuts,” you say? “What do they have to do with me? I own no guns. Why should I care? Besides, they are the ones responsible for all the gun violence…If there were no guns…” Fatuous words from the history clueless! It is time everyone who reads this gets to know these three profound words: “First they came…” and the all too true, deeply rueful  story behind them.  Read that and, if you still can, say afterwards with a straight face: “First they came for the gun owners…” 

DHS Horrific Gun Grab Game Plan Revealed

The objective is to freak out people in the alternative community so thoroughly that social chaos will ensue, thus creating the perfect excuse for “grabbing their guns.” How is  this supposed to work? DHS is trying to get sites like this one to unwittingly get readers and those they know whipped up into a state of frenzy and even terror over TEOCAWKI (The End Of Civilization As We Know It). That isn't!

Just picture it. Seeded by grossly false, yet seemingly credible information fed to people like me by the DHS, those paying attention are expected to first perk up, then react, then start a cascade of panic as they spread the word at lightning speed about the shotgun blast coming from the skies. From the “Killer Comet” ISON's debris field Earth's supposed to pass through January 2014. This month. But if meteor expert Jeremie Vaubaillon is not worried, then why should you bother?

Once a tipping point is reached, DHS fully expects the American people to take to the streets; that stores will be stripped bare in minutes; that there will be (prearranged) rioting, looting and large scale overt gang crime (using covertly supplied military weaponry).

Engineering Chaos 101

If you think this is bull, I personally spoke to someone who lived in South Central Los Angeles, California before the LA Riots and still lived there  when I spoke to him. He volunteered that, well before the riots began, black community leaders were being disappeared. He informed me that new white vans driven by white shirted, tie wearing “honkies who looked like missionaries” were active in the ‘hood for weeks before the riots. Missionaries with cell phones in 1992?!

Further, he was told, well ahead of time by friends in the local Black Panthers, “Don't be at Florence and Normandy on Wednesday.” That Wednesday, April 29, 1992, was the day widely publicized looting, rioting and multiple assaults broke out there. Spontaneous event or engineered? Before you decide, understand this: I have direct confirmation from my highly sensitive sources those vans were the CIA's. Why? The CIA operatives were there, as agents provocateur, greasing the skids for the engineered chaos! You do not have to take my word for it, though. Top flight independent investigative journalist Alex Constantine wrote a whole book on the topic. Blood, Carnage and the Agent Provocateur: The Truth about the Los Angeles Riots and the Secret War Against L. A.'s Minorities. Now, back to the main story.

Pandemoniun (means “demons everywhere”) will ensue as power, light and water fail (lovely time for a massive blizzard to hit the country; hmm) urbanites and suburbanites seek to flee the unsurvivable cities, only to encounter vicious fights at the gas stations charging astronomic prices, total gridlock on the roads and highways and an armed, hostile, maybe lethal reception by the previous butts of all those survivalist, militia and Doomsday Prepper jokes which came so easily before.

Not so funny when facing the primal, nausea inducing fear of flaming rocks and hunks of dense metals blowing apart life as they know it in a seemingly unending deluge of sky shattering air bursts and thunderous hypersonic impacts which wipe out what they hit before the successive, even overlapping, stentorian cosmic blasts of almost Mach 30 howling entries into Earth's atmosphere arrive.

You should be absolutely certain that any evidence of societal upheaval will immediately become the topic of unceasing, ever expanding coverage not merely by the MSM (Mainstream Media), but by social media writ large. What promotes the chaos meme will receive total support; what does not will either disappear or gain no online traction. The aim? To create a groundswell of (wholly fabricated) public demand (from well-meaning, traumatized ) people for the restoration of order. The Masonic motto is Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos), and that is precisely what DHS, in executing its part of the imposition of the NWO (New World Order) enslavement is all but dying to do. When you create the chaos in the first place, it then becomes easy to go in and suppress it. Especially when you a) run the government and b) control the mass major media. And what is the root problem underlying all this (carefully engineered) chaos? Those damn guns and their crazy owners!  DHS to the rescue! Amid a public furor over imminent cosmic  destruction almost impossible to imagine, the freedom-hating ruthless body armor clad thugs will take to the streets in their hordes of black, intimidating massive armored vehicles, armed to the teeth with weapons (for restoring order, you see) such as this remarkable riot control device. Anyone for pepper spray instead?


Not only will these American stormtroopers, which is exactly what they are, have secure digital versions of official gun registration lists, but they will have the ones the public was repeatedly assured  would “never be used for gun confiscation.” Uh huh.  They will also have the name and particulars of anyone who has an insurance policy with a firearm or firearms covered as part of the policy. But that one never crossed your mind! They will certainly know who legally had a gun but has been disqualified by certain criminal convictions or via mental issues. They will have the membership rosters of every gun owner group, everyone who has ever publicly supported the Second Amendment, of everyone who has ever bought a gun safe in, say, the last decade. Do not be surprised if they know you bought a gun lock (mandatory in many places), a gun cleaning kit, a telescopic sight. And if you ever bought ammunition using anything other than cash in the above decade, they probably have a record of that, maybe even video, and will have meticulously cross indexed it with with all the other myriad details which mark you as a “threat to the State,” as a “danger to society,” as a “domestic terrorist.” We know who the real threats, societal dangers and domestic terrorists are! 

The arrest warrants are ready to go, needing but a Print command to bring them forth. The use of deadly force has been granted, but the hope is that the people will be so utterly focused on the dread  external threat from ISON's (nonexistent ) meteors; so wrapped up in the perceived need to survive; so numbed by the across-the-board cacophony, that they not only will be powerless to resist; they will not want to and will simply cooperate and embrace their now revealed  chains of NWO slavery,

Roman historian Tacitus  said of the way the legions waged war “They make a desert and call it peace.”  If we do not get our heads out of our asses and soon, the historians will say of DHS “They destroyed everyone who would not yield and called it Order!”

John Kettler is the author of Extreme UFO Crash Recovery and UFOs, Antigravity, Vimanas & Mystics. Purchase of these books helps support this site.

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jefferson lisboa
jefferson lisboa
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I really appreciate your blog. Thank you for existing

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