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Comment Policy Changed on JKI & JKI/SA!

Originally posted on December 17, 2015 @ 12:27 AM




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WARNING! Thought-Provoking Video below is NSFW, NOT for kiddies, weak of heart, etc. Strong Language!

Comment Length Limit Now in Effect–For Me

Comment policy on both JKI and JKI/SA has now been changed, effective immediately. It had to happen sooner or later, and it was no butterfly beating its wings in the Amazon that did it. Instead, it was on the inadvertently in your face end of the scale and caused by me.

For quite some time, and with ever increasing frustration, coupled with irrefutable logic, your webmaster, Karl, has been on me and on me about either limiting the length of my replies or facing his shutdown of them altogether. Since he is the Zeus of this site, by virtue of being Super Admin (am but an Admin, since I don't actually run the site, just operate within parts of it), this is what's known as a credible threat.

He has also observed, in forms ranging from gently to pointedly, major authors don't typically answer comments on their sites. Something to do with being too busy writing their books! Those of you with an interest in history may recall that I've said the original vision of this site was to support my E-book sales, not be the primary thing, with books almost an afterthought. Yet, that is exactly what happened, and while comment volume is nothing like what it was before (upwards of 100/day when I was aboard the Project Camelot train and “in favor”), the kind of comment I typically get, when I get one, let alone one on topic) is long, complex and often requires a veritable essay to respond to appropriately.

Additionally, Karl believes, and has at times observed, that it doesn't take much to wind me up and totally divert me from (incendiary) content generation to taking up arms and charging off to the comment battle. He deems this an excellent diversion strategy which has been used against me repeatedly. The end of the Long Form Comment Era came when I responded to what someone said–with a 2000 word reply–longer than many a post!  That nearly ended commenting outright, but Karl relented a bit, and instead has now limited me to two and only two alternatives: 1) no more than 250 words in any one reply (can reply thus in several if desired) or 2) response via a full-on post.

What's Driving This Drastic Change?

Why would he do this? In terms of helping the site succeed, his view is that, given my limited ability because of health and cyber issues to generate new content, I'm far better off creating exciting fresh material than I am putting the same amount of time into answering the almost continuous exegeses I get. Properly SEOed new stuff (preferably in the form of many shorter posts, rather than one long one) is the true path to generating Google love, which is reflected in organic traffic to this site, traffic which generates vital E-book sales and JKI/SA subscriptions.  Responding to lengthy discourses with something rivaling the Analects of Confucius in extent hasn't been a good strategy, hasn't worked and has heightened my already murderous stress levels. Call the new rules Karl Saving Me from Myself™.

Impact on You?

The impact on you may range from nil to TEOTWAWKI, depending on who you are, what you say, and what you typically are used to getting back from me. If you like, you may carry on exactly as before, but don't expect things to be as they were when it comes to my replies. That time has ended. Alternatively, you could make things easier for me by raising only one or two points and framing them such that I can answer them economically and effectively. Restated, if you stop sending me War And Peace, it's not just easier for me  deal with your questions and thoughts as a work task, but it's far less triggering for me, in terms of setting off my well-developed “must respond now and in full detail” reaction, something which is part of my neural wiring and now must be fought.

Impact on Me?

While ultimately the new rules will greatly reduce my workload on the comment front, in the short term, my workload has paradoxically gone up and in a tough way. Why? I have to not only fundamentally unlearn years of behavior, but have to teach myself to infallibly always do word counts on my replies–even while exhausted or otherwise not well but still able to write. Either that, or I now have to respond to you by first generating what I say in a word processor, where I can word count it via a pulldown menu (WordPress has no such feature implemented for comments), then port it to where I answer, then tweak it so that things like links work. Gah!

My Last Resort! Please Don't Make Me Do this!

When Karl informed me he was lowering the boom on my prolixity of response, I semi playfully responded that maybe I should use macros to make sure I met the new word count limit. I reproduce the list here, complete with the gap I inadvertently created via accidental deletion. Believe F1 was supposed to read: OK. Also, I've changed what F12 originally said. GTFO, you see, might not be recognized by a lot of people.

F2 That's interesting
F3 Do tell
F4 Remarkable
F5 I don't believe it
F6 I DON't believe IT!
F7 Good to know
F8 Snoresville.
F10 Runs for nearest shelter
F11 Go away

Summing Up

Long form comment replies from me are a thing of the past, though I'm sure some of you, very much including my silent readership in Alphabet Soup Land, the Pentagon and other places, may wish otherwise. Sadly, they are a luxury no one on this end can afford any more. Nor can the site, for if it is to survive, never mind thrive, I have to not only work smarter at the conceptual level, but consistently perform that way, too. If I can't or won't master operating within the severe to me word count limits, Karl can and will make things really easy for me–by killing comments outright. Wish me luck!



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